These Popular Health Tips Actually Do More Harm Than Good

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According to a Forsa survey, 98 percent of Americans think that health is the most important thing in their life and fitness is particularly important for women. They eat more consciously, do more sport and, unlike men, do not have to be persuaded to see a doctor. But somehow the matter of body awareness seems to get out of hand. Sometimes you have the feeling that you are participating in a competition. Hardly anyone has some secret recipe to strengthen immune system or lose a few pounds easily. But what’s the catch? Often exactly the opposite of what you wanted.

“I Drink Lemon Water Every Day To Lose Weight”

This can happen: If you drink pure or diluted lemon juice several times a day, as some diets recommend (it is supposed to curb your appetite and stimulate fat burning), you risk damaging your teeth. Because the acid of the lemon dissolves calcium and phosphate from the tooth enamel, the protective mineral coating is removed. Over time, the teeth react sensitively to temperature stimuli and become prone to tooth decay.

How to do it better: Medical professionals think the lemon water diet is nonsense. In any case, you should defuse the acid attacks on the teeth by rinsing your mouth out with clear water afterwards.

“I Take Vitamin C Supplement For The Immune System”

This can happen: Your immune system becomes weaker instead of stronger. The reason: Vitamin C traps free radicals in the body as so-called antioxidant. These aggressive oxygen molecules, which damage the cells in higher doses, have a lower number of positive effects on health, as recent studies have shown. Free radicals, which are formed briefly during sport, activate the body’s defenses like a kind of vaccination. The desirable effect is suppressed by too much vitamin C.

How to do it better: Rather, grab fruits and vegetables. They contain hundreds of bioactive substances that work together to strengthen health. Extra vitamins are rarely useful when the vital substances are seriously lacking.

“From Now On I Won’t Eat Meat Anymore”

That can happen: Modern veggies often load too many ready-made products and sweets on their plates out of convenience. These “pudding vegetarians”, who forego meat for health reasons or for animal rights, then struggle with nutrient deficiencies.

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How to do it better: Learn to use the possibilities of the delicious meat-free kitchen (e.g. in cooking courses, books). Then you really benefit from the abundance of valuable bioactive substances found in vegetables, pulses and whole grains. Compared to omnivores, vegetarians are slimmer and their life expectancy is higher.

8% of Americans are vegetarian. 30 years ago it was only 0.6 percent, according to an estimate by the Vegetarian Association.

“I Sit Idly When My Back Hurts”

This can happen: Tension worsens if you try to avoid movement for days. After all, they are by far the most common cause of back pain. The gentle posture only leads to one-sided stress and new pain – a vicious circle.

How to do it better: If you have acute low back pain, get active again after two to three days of rest (e.g. going for a walk, cycling). In this way, the muscles are better supplied with blood and the tension is reduced. Important: Increase the intensity slowly and avoid jerky movements – listen to your body while increasing the intensity, your back tells you what’s good for you.

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