How To Turn Your Dull Kitchen Into A Nature Scene

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This is the story of a guy who turns his boring kitchen into a cool one:

“My gray kitchen was looking pretty dull. I saw this rough mural idea online and decided to try my hand at doing something similar.”

First Layer

“The gray base color runs throughout our house. At the local paint counter, I searched for color chips that could replicate the kinds of forest gradients you get here in the fog of the Pacific Northwest. I bought 3 tinted sample-size jars at $2 each and a quart of the darkest gradient for $13.”

Greenide PIC

Second Layer

“Pleased with the start, adding more detail as I go. These were roughed in with a 2″ brush and detail added later with a 3/4″ brush from my art-school days.”

Greenide PIC

Third Layer

“Getting excited now as it’s coming together.”

Greenide PIC

Last Layer

“Rolled on with a small roller then used a 1″ paintbrush to add the details. Edged with a traditional 2″ wedge brush.”

Greenide PIC

And Here We Have It

Greenide PIC

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