Hugging Makes Us Happier

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With technological developments making life easier, they also bring solitude and unhappiness. Nowadays, individualism is at the forefront and experts point out a hormone called “oxytocin”. The easiest way to raise happiness and oxytocin levels is to hug and cuddle with people you love.

Recent medical researches about people’s happiness and confidence have increased. Why aren’t we happy nowadays even if we have anything we want and life is much easier? The necessity to explain these questions get scientists research about this topic.

So what is oxytocin? This hormone is generated in the brain and mostly about reproduction. It is released in high levels during and after the birth. After the birth, this hormone provides maternal behavior. It also provides confidence, loyalty, feeling an empathy with your partner and explaining away. When it lacks, arrogance, lack of confidence and psychological problems tends to increase.

In daily life, the easiest way to secrete this hormone is to hug but because of tiredness, busyness, daily problems, solitude, lack of confidence, quarrels, conflicts, economic problems and not having time for each other, we look like as if we forget hugging. If we hug, cuddle and touch each other, the hormone is released.

Benefits Of Hugging

  • It is the easiest way to provide happiness.
  • We feel safe. Hugging helps us to cope with hardships of life better.
  • We give confidence to anyone. We hug to make our friends, partners, children feel more confident.
  • We get on well with them. It makes them easy to see and to be seen.
  • We feel less doubtful. We can cool anyone down.
  • We become more social. We feel more relaxed within society.
  • We feel less stressed. We can cope with it the easiest way.
  • We sleep in the best way. We can wake up in a good mood. We can start the day feeling happy.
  • We become more compassionate.
  • We feel more relaxed.
  • We would be more faithful to our children, partner.
  • It makes women feel more relaxed during the pregnancy period.
  • It prevents mothers’ having depression after the birth and makes them feel relaxed. It makes lactation easy.
  • Wifes and husbands’ life become more deluxe.
  • Our partner appears more attractive.
  • It prevents from quarreling, conflicting, and fighting.
  • It makes us fall in love. It enables to break up.
  • It protects us against stress which is the biggest problem in this century. It helps us to cope with daily stresses in a basic, easiest and permanent way. It shortens the duration of psychological treatment.

Contributor: Nilay Satan

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