Intelligent Parking Chairs From Nissan

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cc: Nissan

We have some good news for lazy office workers. You will reach a brand new laziness level with these intelligent chairs. You won’t have to move your chair to its original position again after the meeting.

This system was inspired by Nissan Parking Assist that used in automobiles, Nissan builds a parking chair and as we can see in the video, they work just by clapping hands. These chairs can turn 360 degrees and locate a target position with the help of cameras. These chair also have Wi-Fi access because they are controlled over Wi-Fi, so no Wi-Fi means no Intelligent Chair.

Before start using Parking Chairs, user sets a parking position for the chairs. Parking Chairs save this position and when user moves them, they return to their original position when they get the signal, which is a clapping sound in this example.

One more thing: At the beginning of the video, after first clap, one of the guy says “Whoooooo”, this is just adorable.

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