Tesla Might Start Its Own Music Streaming Service

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Tesla may produce electric cars and solar panels, though you still may not come up with an idea of a potential rivalry with Spotify in the future. However, change is upon us (maybe)! Tesla started working on its own online music broadcasting/streaming services according to the news on Recode, also claiming that the work Tesla aims to develop will be similar to Pandora, exclusive for cars.

Reports suggest that Tesla may provide this service for free to those who own Tesla cars. Even though there are no major details yet, it is a known phenomenon that Tesla puts heavy emphasis on in-car comfort and states that listening to music while driving is a freedom.

Other than the reports, supporting such claims, people seem to remember that Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about music services at the beginning of June. Claiming it is hard to find high quality music playlists and matching algorithms, Musk said he wanted to combine the high level audio systems in Tesla cars and a successful online music service.

At first, it may sound a bit hilarious for Tesla to compete against two giants of the online music industry: Spotify and Apple Music! Because it is hard to actually understand the reason why one would like to deal with music records and servers, instead of reshaping the transportation and automotive industry. On the other hand, it is just today’s problem. In the near future, automobiles are expected to change in major levels and as a result, Tesla has a prediction about in-car comfort services will become an independent industry itself. Online music streaming services providing video and other media materials, not only music, is considered a promising sign for this industry to grow and develop a lot further the future. Having an on-going competition with Apple, Tesla’s intention might be not to leave anything untouched against its rivals.

Tesla has a deal with Spotify regarding the automobiles they sell out of the US. For now, it may seem like a threatening move for Tesla to launch its own music services instead of making and renewing deals all around the globe with Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal, everything can change in the near future. Till then, we will see whether or not these claims will be approved by Tesla.

Contributor: Egemen ERES

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