The Most Powerful Antioxidant: “White Grape”

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Fresh white grape (Vitis Vinifera) is the powerful antioxidant within all fruits and it contains at least 15 substances that act as antioxidant. We all have busy schedules and most of us work under excessive stress; if you want to get rid of the tension that you gather all day long as well as mental and physical fatigue, eating a bunch of grapes (nearly 250 – 300 gr) will solve many of these problems. Within half an hour, you will be amazed to see the relief in your whole body and how the stress is fading away so quickly. Moreover, you will feel energetic which is vital especially for people living in big cities since urban life sometimes requires more effort than it needs.

Too much of a good thing is bad, a small amount may help you to get rid of fatigue but pushing the limits may have negative effects. Don’t make it worse by taking bigger amounts. Patients with diabetes should consult their doctor before eating excessive amounts of grapes to get rid of stress and fatigue.

If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, drinking a couple of white grape juice would have great assistance.

There are two groups of people should be careful about consuming grapes;

The First one is pregnant women in their first four months of pregnancy, the second group is people who are diagnosed with “fatty liver”. Pregnant women should be careful because grape contains ellagic acid, which increases the probability of miscarriage. Grape also contains diethylamine which has the same effect as ellagic acid.

Digestion Begins In The Mouth

Fruits have healing and curative effect and many of them should be eaten on an empty stomach, in order to use this curative effect. So many fruits shouldn’t be eating just after meals like most people do, but grape is not one of those fruits. Just after meals, you may eat white grapes because it also contains a type of acid which is exactly a sialagogue (saliva-increase component). Saliva contains ptyalin and it speeds up and catalyzes the digestion. Please remember the important rule: “Digestion begins in the mouth”. Masticating or chewing your food is very important, so do it properly. The longer you chew, the easier to digest the foods since you crush them into small pieces, food will have a bigger area to interact with enzymes.

Rhythm Disorder

Eating white grape also regulates cardiac rhythm, if you have rhythm disorder; it is recommended to consume 200 – 250 gr of white grape a day. The grape skin has a large amount of resveratrol. Resveratrol is an antioxidant substance which decreases the low-density lipoprotein (Bad Cholesterol) and prevents arteriosclerosis (vessel stiffness).


If you are diagnosed with “fatty liver”, you must be cautious about eating grapes and you must have limits. Because grapes have the ability to increase fatty liver but that doesn’t mean if you diagnosed with fatty liver or if you are pregnant, you can’t eat grapes. Surely you can eat but you must limit the amount you eat.

Grape Delay Epithelizing

If you have a healing wound on your body; stay away from the grape, grape seed and walnut. Grape and walnut may delay the epithelizing, they may even make wounds worse.

Chew Grape Seed Carefully

It was once researched that the French less likely to have cardiovascular diseases even if they consume high saturated fat. Scientists soon realized that OPCs have a big importance in terms of preventing cardiovascular diseases. OPCs can be found in grape, grape seed and wine.

What Is OPCs?

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins is a strong antioxidant substance which can be found in grape seed. The most important ability of OPCs is to prevent oxidation of blood lipid and cholesterol, it helps to prevent fat deposits in heart veins. OPCs is an herbal medicine which approved to cure weak blood vessels.

While eating grapes; sometimes try to chew its seeds, this is very healthy. OPCs will come out while you crush grape seeds during chewing. The grape itself has also OPCs but its seeds contain more powerful OPCs complex.

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