New Details Released About Asgardia (The Craziest Project Of The Decade)

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According to the news, the first satellite will be launched for “the space nation” in 2017. Leader of the Asgardia Project, Russian scientist Igor Ashurbeyli states that the satellite will contain the space nation’s constitutional law, flag and data of its 1.5 million citizens.

Firstly, this virtual city is renamed after Asgard in the Scandinavian mythology, in October 12 of 2016. This city will locate around the Earth’s orbit and start a whole new country.

According to the news, again, in Asgardia’s website, more than 100.000 citizenship applications have been made right after the first announcement for this nation, within the first 40 hours. For now, Asgardia is governed by only Ashurbeyli. However, after the 24th of June 2017, approved Asgardian citizens will conduct their first parliament election.

Today, in the press meeting held in Hong Kong, Mr. Ashurbeyli announced his plans for the launch of the satellite: Asgardia-1. Ashurbeyli said: “Asgardia-1 will mean the beginning of a new space era for our citizens in terms of virtually residing in the space”. In Asgardia’s website, you can see that there are plans for a second satellite launch in 2018 even from this time.

You can check out the most recent announcements and updates and even become an Asgardian via the link below 🙂

Contributor: Egemen ERES

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