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In 2019, 10 of the world’s most popular meditation practice made $195 million in revenue. Popularity of meditation apps are getting out of hand day by day. The Medito app, which happens to be one of them, offers free meditation service.

Medito, which is a very comprehensive application, also includes features such as daily meditation, sleep stories, relaxing sounds, stress and anxiety-specific meditation solutions and breathing exercises. Medito, available for free, is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The main purpose of Medito app is to reduce anxiety and stress, strengthen your focus and ensure a better sleep quality. Developed by the Medito Foundation, Medito application promises to teach you how to meditate.

Apart from meditating, Medito app allows you to discover new meditation techniques such as walking meditation and breathing meditation. And isn’t it beautiful that you can use the application without performing any membership process? You can download Medito app for free for Android and for iOS as well.

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