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Approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease each year and unfortunately, there are many more that lives undetected. Parkinson’s disease is the most common brain disorder after Alzheimer and it starts with the destruction of brain cells. Parkinson’s disease is supposed a genetic disease but you may suffer from Parkinson’s disease even if your family is completely healthy.

The reason for the brain cells decrease is the lack of dopamine. Dopamine is an important substance for the brain but unfortunately, modern medicine can’t find any solution for this disease. You may start medication but drugs can’t provide dopamine, they provide other substance can be used for dopamine but it helps only at the beginning, it won’t stop the progression of the disease. When you take drugs, it reduces the symptoms and your tremor (shaking) gone as long as you take the medicine.

The biggest symptom of this disease is tremor and patients can’t control their shaking hands, arms and limbs. You may also realize this by looking your handwriting. If your letters are smaller than before, that is probably caused by shaking hands, one of the important sign that gives you time for early precautions.

You may also feel a decrease in sense of smell since normally, sense of smell can only be blocked by diseases like cold or flu and this is temporary. Lastly, people with Parkinson’s disease tend to slouch because of balance loss. Balancing the body is a function of the brain so if the brain has a problem, it may also affect the balance of the body and stance. Also, some cells control our movements and because of Parkinson’s disease, they can be also damaged and we can’t control our movements completely.

But unlike to popular myth, neither Parkinson’s disease nor Alzheimer is a destiny. They generally stem from malnutrition (70%-80%). We can’t take dopamine directly from foods or vegetables but we can take “L-dopa” from “Fava Beans”. When we consume L-dopa, they are converted into dopamine in our brain. So unlike modern medicine, this cure helps people to get rid of this disease completely.

Dopamine amount in the brain is too important for brain health. If dopamine amount is too high, this cause “Schizophrenia” and if dopamine amount is insufficient, this cause “Parkinson’s disease”. If your family members suffered from Parkinson’s disease before, it will wise to use this cure once every 6 months.


  • Fava Beans


If you will use fresh fava beans, you may use 3 fava beans with 5 inches length. You may slice the fava beans into 3 pieces before proceeding.

You may not be able to find fresh fava beans but you may also use dried fava beans for this cure. If you are going to use dried fava beans, use 2 tablespoons fava beans instead of 3. Crush the beans into small pieces before proceeding.

Boil 2 cups of water in a small pot with fava beans. If you are using fresh fava beans, boil for 6-7 minutes but if you are going to use dried fava beans, boil for 10 minutes.


Drink this cure 2 times a day after meals. You must wait for an hour after meals to drink that cure. Continue this cure for a month and if you are anxious about your genetics (member in the family with Parkinson’s disease) you may use this cure two times a year.

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