It’s Time To Relieve Your Back Pain

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Let’s See Some Numbers First

24 -> Numbers of separate vertebrae in the back
23 -> Number of intervertebral discs in the back
1 Billion -> Average number of neurons in the spinal cord
17.3 Inches -> Average length of spinal cord
13 Million -> Number of Americans who see physicians each year for back pain
80% -> Percentage of Americans suffer from back pain at some point

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in Americans under the age of 45, resulting in 200 million days spent in bed per year.

46% of people report that pack pain interferes with sleep, while 31% report that back pain interferes with exercise. 24% of people claim back pain interferes with their sex lives. These numbers can only represent the people who reported their problems to hospitals, unfortunately there are many more that ignore their back pain.

These exercise that listed here won’t take even 10 minutes but they will create great changes in your life and relieve your back pain.

The Hamstring Floor Stretch

Lying down on your back, bring your hip to 90 degrees all further keep bending your knee and then gently pull your leg towards you to feel a stretch behind your thigh in the hamstring muscles.

Hold for 30 seconds, twice for each legs.

Knee To Chest Stretch

Lie flat on your back and bend your knee towards your chest. Hold this position and feel gentle stretch on your back. If you get any growing pain while doing this exercise, stop and inform your therapist.

This helps strengthen and relax your glutes. Hold for 30 seconds for each leg, twice.

Spinal Stretch

Lying flat on your back cross one leg over the other by twisting your hips and spine. Keep your opposite arm out stretched. You can hold on to your knee to make the stretch stronger if you feel comfortable.

This is especially good for whom suffer from sciatica.

Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the other leg. Do this as many times as you feel comfortable but don’t overdo it.

The Glute Floor Stretch

Lie your back and bend your knee to 90 degrees. Place your ankle across your opposite knee and pull your knee towards your chest to feel a stretch in your bottom.

Hold for 30 seconds and repeat with the other leg.

The Hip Flexor Stretch

In the kneeling launch position move your body towards forward to create a stretch to the front of your thigh and groin.

Hold for 30 seconds and then switch the other leg and repeat.

Last But Not Least

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