15 Websites That Will Help You To Learn Coding & Hacking & Programming

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When you look at the top companies in the world, the number of website companies (like Google, Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber etc) is rapidly increasing. Not to mention these companies doesn’t look for a degree anymore. When it comes to coding and programming, talent comes before the college degree.

Not everybody should pursue a programming career though but that mustn’t stop you from learning coding. Whatever you do, coding and programming can help you a lot even in the simplest tasks. You can automate many boring stuff to allocate more time (see what I did there?) for anything. Even the most irrelevant tasks can be done with coding with ease – let’s assume that you are an Instagram influencer; you can make an Instagram bot to automatically like photos from your friends, follow back your followers or follow other people’s followers. Possibilities are limitless once you get into coding.

Websites in this list follows different methods to teach coding – some of them utilizes videos while some of them offer more interactive interface. It is hard to list the websites from best to worst due to different types of teaching methods so let’s try another method to list them: If we accept the fact that “greater minds think alike”, monthly visits of these websites would be a good indicator of effectiveness of these online tutors.

1. Udemy.com

Monthly Visitors: 92.8 million

Udemy is probably the most advanced one among them with more than 57K instructor, 150K courses and 295M course enrollments.

Click here to visit Udemy

2. Khanacademy.org

Monthly Visitors: 79 million

Founded by small entrepreneur Salman Khan, Khanacademy became huge source of many tutorials other than programming and coding.

Click here to visit Khanacademy

3. Coursera.org

Monthly Visitors: 45 million

With 53 million learners around the world, another big player in the market.

Click here to visit Coursera

4. Mit.edu

Monthly Visitors: 38.6 million

No wonder best engineering school in the world is within the list. I think this one is more unique than the others because it gives you opportunity to experience what it feels like to attend classes in such college.

Click here to visit MIT.edu

5. Edx.org

Monthly Visitors: 19.2 million

Founded by MIT and Harvard, best two colleges in USA, Edx is a home for 20 million learners around the world.

Click here to visit edx.org

6. Freecodecamp.org

Monthly Visitors: 14 million

Apart from the other courses above, this one merely focuses on programming and coding. Another big advantage for this course is, as the name states, it’s completely free and they don’t show ads!

Click here to visit Freecodecamp

7. Pluralsight.com

Monthly Visitors: 6.5 million

Founded by developers in 2004 and published their first online course in 2008, Pluralsight became more than just a tutorial website teaching coding however their courses are still worth a shot if you wanna learn coding at home.

Click here to visit Pluralsight

8. Futurelearn.com

Monthly Visitors: 6.1 million

This paid course offers 14-days trial and then you can upgrade your account to access their database, which covers from literature to business management – and also coding as well.

Click here to visit Futurelearn

9. Udacity.com

Monthly Visitors: 5.6 million

This is the second biggest website solely focuses on programing and coding – I think it is better to point that out because focusing on only programming makes courses more interactive and specializing in single subject usually comes with advantages.

Click here to visit Udacity

10. Lynda.com

Monthly Visitors: 4 million

Lynda has a vast library covering almost every kind of topic – that’s explains 4 million visitors. Although I assume people visiting Lynda because of their programming courses but let’s not ruin the list just because of that.

Click here to visit Lynda

11. Alison.com

Monthly Visitors: 3.2 million

Alison provide free online courses and just like Lynda, most of those visitors are here for courses other than programming.

Click here to visit Alison

12. Codecademy.com

Monthly Visitors: 2.8 million

Codecademy interface let’s you code as you learn and it’s all about coding. Free courses are available but not enough to get you there so if you want to get a hang of it, you need to pay. It also has a mobile app so you can learn programming wherever you go.

Click here to visit Codecademy

13. Sololearn.com

Monthly Visitors: 1.8 million

Very similar to Codecademy, Sololearn is an interactive course teaches only programming and similarly it has an app as well.

Click here to visit Sololearn

14. Teamtreehouse.com

Monthly Visitors: 1.8 million

Treehouse offers different packages for different needs – currently basic one starting at $25/month and the one that offers Techdegree is $199/month. It has “Free 7 Days Trial” but that’s all you get. People usually don’t prefer this one due to many other free courses online.

Click here to visit Treehouse

15. Hackr.io

Monthly Visitors: 1 million

Widely popular in India, this website has roadmaps that can help you to become backend developer, android app developer, IOS developer etc.

Click here to visit Hackr.io

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