10 Tips To Prepare Your Weight For Summer Within 2 Weeks

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1. Start the day with breakfast. If you don’t, your metabolism will slow down and your body stops burning calories. Stay away from fast food, especially at breakfast.

2. Best thing you can eat in the breakfast is egg. It will make you eat less 400 calories less during the day.

3. Try to include parsley, arugula and dill in your breakfast. Also try to add lemon because vitamin C will speed up metabolism, which means burning more calories.

4. Eat salad before every single meal. Try not to add oil in your salad but you can add Greek (plain) yogurt.

5. Eat 2 cup of plain yogurt every day. It will make you feel full during the day; the less you need food, the more you can focus your work.

6. Stay away from pasta, rice, desert and cookies for 2 weeks. If you don’t feel full after meals, you can add a slice of brown bread to your meals.

7. Try to obey one-type food rule, it will ease the digestion. For instance, if your main dish is chicken at lunch, don’t eat any other type of food like rice, meat or pizza. But you can add salad or a slice of bread if you feel like it.

8. Drink 2 cups of water during meals. Try to drink water between gulps because it will slow you down and water will occupy more space in your stomach.

9. Before you eat, you may also drink a cup of coffee milk, it will decrease your appetite and you will eat less.

10. Weather started getting warm and that’s a great opportunity for us to walk. Most of us can’t go to walk in the morning because we go to work and we are having trouble with getting up in the mornings, right? But you can go to walk in the evening which will also help you go to sleep at night since you will be exhausted. Brisk walking for 40 minutes will burn the calories you need to get rid of and also ensure the good night sleep.

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