All You Need To Know About Dental Care, Fillings And Cavities

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Teeth are the only bone tissue that we can see every day, so that makes teeth special. Other bone tissues are protected with our skin and flesh but teeth are more fragile, they can easily decay but they can also easily protected by simple steps. 2 minutes and 2 times every day, that takes 4 minutes to protect our teeth from cavities but unfortunately in the United States, 92% of adults 20 to 64 have had dental caries in their permanent teeth.

Many people ignore their dental care and if they have a cavity, they go to a dentist for a filling. But does filling solve the problem? Unfortunately not: There are two types of filling; amalgam and composite. Amalgam fillings have metallic color and composite fillings have the color of your teeth.

Are Fillings The Best Solution?

Amalgam fillings are more durable than composite fillings but amalgam fillings are mechanically connected to your teeth and for that reason, you will likely to have a cavity under these fillings. Moreover, amalgam fillings are harmful to your body since amalgam is a mixture of metals (alloy) which contain elemental mercury. Mercury releases low levels of vapor that can be inhaled and absorbed by lungs and it is bad for kidneys and your brains. Average amalgam fillings last for nearly 12 years.

Composite fillings stick to your teeth with some kind of adhesive, so the connection is not simply a mechanical one. But unfortunately, they are not durable as amalgam fillings. Average composite filling life lasts for nearly 5 years. With a simple math, if you are 25 years old and if we assume you will live until 65 years old; you have to change your fillings 8 times. Every time fillings need to be changed, a dentist must drill your tooth in order to place the new filling. Probably after 3 times, your teeth wouldn’t take it anymore and require root canal operation.

After repeated filling operations, there would be the only root of your tooth left for the operation. The only way to “save” your tooth is root canal operation at that point. In this operation, pulp (nerve) of the tooth must be completely removed in order to eliminate tooth decay but this is quite difficult with all zigzag and wavy structure of the root of the tooth.

If you will have tooth decay once again, which is quite likely, the dentist must pull the root out of your gum. In many cases, gum needs to be torn apart in order to reach the root. After that operation, you will have many experiences in your life to tell great stories to your grandsons. But with small precautions like spending only 4 minutes to brush your teeth 2 times a day, this may protect your pocket as well as your teeth.

Time To Quit Sugar

In your daily routine, you can’t always carry your toothbrush and your toothpaste whenever you go. The only thing that people offer you all-day-long is coffee or tea. I will not mention about soda which ruins your teeth faster than anything, if you really need to drink it, then do it while you have your toothbrush nearby. Bacteria in your teeth digest sugar and carbohydrate and eject some kind of acid that ruins your teeth. By not using sugar in your tea and coffee, you may even strengthen your teeth. Tea contains fluoride, which is vital for teeth and by adding sugar, you just turn this remedy into a poison.

Fluoride? Not Harmful?

Fluoride may seem harmful to you but did you notice your toothpaste also contains fluoride? And if not, I recommend you to change it because toothpaste without fluoride will not feed your teeth. Yes, your teeth need fluoride and for that reason, you must use little more tap water than before. I know many dentists refuse to drink bottled water because of the acid content and prefer tap water because of the fluoride content. Bottled water is little more acidic than tap water, which is also bad for your teeth. Black tea also contains fluoride but as I said before, you must drink it without adding sugar. So by simply quitting sugar, tea become beneficial rather than harmful, you will remove one important harmful effect in your life.

If you are still thinking about fluoride and all the articles about harmful effects of the fluoride: Have you ever heard about “water poisoning” ? Even the source of life may poison you if you drink it too much.

Flossing Time!

Using a floss is not a luxury, it is a necessity. If you have never used floss before, you probably think it is unnecessary or extreme. But if you want to see the real effect and benefit of the floss, use it after brushing your teeth. You will see there are lots of stuff stuck in your teeth even after you brush. You can’t remove them with only by brushing, there must be a dental floss that can go inside and remove the remaining stuff. Many decays start between teeth, which shows the importance of floss. Using it may make bleed your gum at the beginning but keep using it. Your gum would not bleed anymore when your gum gets strong enough, just keep flossing and brushing. Before using floss, you can gargle with water.

Me Time

Don’t eat snacks between meals if you have dental problems, your teeth need some time to heal. If you eat something after brushing your teeth, what is the point? Maybe you comfort yourself about eating fruits which are good for health but unfortunately not for your teeth. Leave your teeth alone for a while and give them a little amount of “me time”.

Don’t forget to take calcium since it feeds bone as well as your teeth. Also, your teeth need some kind of minerals that can be found in sea salt or rock salt. After brushing your teeth before going bed, keep salt water in your mouth for nearly 5 minutes. That will hurt your tongue just a little bit but do not drink or gargle with normal water after using salt water because you must keep salt in your mouth since salt water provides a hypertonic environment.

If you want to examine your breath, lick your wrist and smell. That test also shows the major reason of bad breath, which is your tongue. Cavities also cause bad breath but if you don’t have any cavities and have a bad breath, it is likely caused by your tongue. Many people ignore brushing tongue but your tongue can also store many bacteria and you can’t completely clean up your mouth by simply brushing your teeth. You must also brush your gums and tongue. But don’t take it too far, if you brush your gums too harsh that may cause receding gums. Don’t make it too harsh, just make it regularly and make it your habit. If dental care becomes part of your life, you will not see it exhausting. Have you ever fed up with eating?

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