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The seriousness of the plastic wastes and the struggle against it has become so severe that it became part of our daily lives. Plastic bags, which are consumed illimitably in the shops and markets, became paid in many countries over the years and this was a very big step for many countries to reduce plastic waste. One of the most common solutions in the world as an alternative to plastic is to replace common plastic packaging with biodegradable plastic. New alternatives are being added to these bioplastic materials which are soluble in nature such as vegetables, cactus and algae. Supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam have succeeded in using banana leaves instead of plastic packaging in vegetable and fruit aisles, even removing bioplastics from the system. While this struggle started with great enthusiasm, brands, non-governmental organizations, municipalities, we are witnessing an intense support from designers and artists. And now, Change Toothpaste, proposes solutions with Spearmint Toothpaste Tablets, which will take one more plastic waste out of our lives .

Natural Toothpaste With Zero Waste: Spearmint Toothpaste Tablets

Similar to the creative approach of the Soapack project, Change Toothpaste offers toothpaste with zero waste without the use of plastic tubes. In this way, it removes the toothpaste tubes that are used for our dental health and threaten the health of our planet in the big picture. Toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled as they contain 11 layers of plastic, polymer and resin, and according to the statistics shared by Change Toothpaste, they remain as waste without dissolution in nature for almost 500 years. This means that every tube of toothpaste ever made remains trash in nature. Isn’t that terrible? Moreover, this is not the only worrying feature of conventional toothpastes. The health problems they may cause due to the fluoride they contain are frequently discussed in recent years. Change Toothpaste is a great solution to these problems with Spearmint Toothpaste Tablets, a “purely natural” tablet toothpaste. Tablets are vegan and gluten-free. Change Toothpaste promises to protect your dental health by biting dry tablets and then brushing them with a wet toothbrush. Offering a practical use in situations such as traveling and camping, these tablets prevent the remaining toothpaste remains in the sink. Spearmint Toothpaste Tablets are offered in a compostable paper packaging.

The Canadian company Change Toothpaste was founded in January 2019 and experimented with 119 different ingredients to determine the perfect one. They consulted a dentist to get the perfect combination of texture, taste and effect, and they got feedback from families they knew, so they could try the tablets. Each paper package contains 65 tablets. The company also sells bamboo toothbrushes.

The company’s founders, Damien Vince and Mike Medicoff, were particularly inspired by Mike’s 16-year-old daughter Sydney’s quest to get rid of disposable plastics at home. Mike explains “Our children really inspire us. We know that they are watching us in everything we do..”

Change Toothpaste, which launched a campaign with $ 10,000 at BoostR, has already exceeded its funding target.

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