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There are lots of reading platforms that are available online or as apps. These are the top 5 reading platforms;

1. Google Books

If you’re an android user, Google books are available for you to use. From my experience having Google Books (Samsung Note 5 user), they have a limited amount of books from certain authors that you love.

2. Apple iBooks

Same as Google Books, this app is only available exclusively for Apple users. Apple iBooks have more choices when it comes to classics books like (Dracula, 20,000 Leagues under the sea). The IBook app also acts as your own personal magazine and newspaper stand which is a plus for people who are avid readers of magazines and newspapers.

3. Kindle

Kindle is part of There is a wide selection of books available in kindle including Classics, Romance, and Biographies etc.  Kindle also offers the one-click buy where you can easily buy and download the book straight to your device. If you are using 2 different devices e.g. Phone and tablet, you can choose which device you can download it to. The price is reasonable starting from .99 cents and going up. (Currency in USD)

4. Kobo

Kobo is another reading platform available on devices. It has the same format as Kindle but the only difference is that the prices are more expensive. It is free to sign up and you have the ability to preview the book before you commit to buying it.

5. Wattpad

Wattpad is different from the 4 options listed. Wattpad is more for everyone and it’s free to join. This platform is for writers and readers. You are given the ability to write your own story and also read other peoples’ story for free. Either you want to only read the books written with Wattpad or try writing your own. This would be a good choice to start. Only bad thing is that you would have to wait in order to read the next chapter.

Where To Look Out For Great E-Book Deals? BookBub offers daily deals of books based on your interest. Some books are either offered free or at a cheap price. It gives you options from which reading platform you want to download it from. The platforms available is Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Nobles.

You Want To Know More About A Certain Book You can read reviews and opinions about a book you want to start reading or interested in reading. These reviews are written by people who love to read but be careful some reviews may contain spoilers.

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