Why You Should Keep A Journal?

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A lot of famous people in history has kept a journal with them. Journals serve two purposes- they are a permanent record of your life and a cathartic release for people. One thing that put most people off journaling is the myth about journaling on a daily basis. You don’t have to make journaling a daily basis, you can do it at your own pace and whenever you have time. Here are some benefits of keeping a journal:

1. Regular Writing Has Mental Health Benefits.

Whenever you feel down or just need to release stress, journals is like a buddy when you have no one to talk you. They are private and is something that will be hidden from everyone. Not only does regular journal writing makes you feel good, they also let you re-live events during your day where you can process them without fear and stress

2. Keeping A Journal Harnesses Your Creativity.

Keeping a journal means that you can make it into whatever you wanted. Whether it’s an art journal, gratitude journal daily journal/planner or all of them at once. Having a journal increases your creativity as it acts a prompt to your everyday life.

You can document our travels to another country when you don’t want to share it on social media. Keeping a journal can help you brainstorm thoughts, ideas and also memories that spark the most amazing things.

3. You Can Choose What Medium You Want To Use For Journaling.

Choosing a journal is a tough thing. You can either use the regular pen and paper or you can take it one step further by using your phone.

  • Pen and paper- Most people would go for the traditional pen and paper when they aren’t tech savvies. You can either use lined notebooks or unlined notebooks if you want to decorate your journal with washi tapes and stickers but that’s totally up to you.
  • Journaling and Diary apps- if you prefer to use technology with things such as journaling and diaries. There are a few apps available for those wishing to make use of technology. Apps like Penzu, an all online private journaling web app. Day One allows you to add photos and set locations. You can always use Evernote or Google Keep.

4. It Improves Your Memory.

By journaling you are able to still relive certain memories like buying your first car, your first house etc. Having photos to commemorate the day isn’t enough, add some writing and it last a lot longer and easier to remember.

5. You’ll Get To Know Yourself Better.

You would be surprised of what you read from a journal ten years ago. Just as it improves your memory, you also get to know your past self a lot better and how and why you have these certain habits and pet peeves.

Reading what you have written from 10 years ago will help you know that whatever may have happened at that time created the present and future you.

Contributor: Owen MARIE

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