How To Stop Late Night Eating

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It feels like your stomach just wait for the night and when it comes, that big boy starts growling, right? If you always feel hungry at nights, that can’t be a time for optimism. Since you will go to sleep after eating, there is no way you can burn that calorie. So this is the exact thing that makes you fat. Also, your sleep quality will decrease if you eat just before going bed because your stomach will work in order to digest the things you ate but it will take time since you can’t possibly move while you sleep. As you can see sleeping at night is such a bad habit but luckily we know how to stop it;

11 Steps To Stop Eating At Night

1. Studies show that people with stressful environment or depression are more likely to eat at night. So the first thing to stop eating at night is stress management. Try to spend more time with your friends and socialize.

2. Being sleepy and going to bed early can also prevent nighttime snacks and the most disturbing thing that interrupts sleep is frequent urination. It may be best to limit your fluid intake after eight in the evening. You should also avoid eating foods with higher water content like melon, watermelon or cucumber in the evening.

3. High-quality sleep requires high-quality environment. Your bedroom must be dark and quiet.

4. Melatonin is the exact hormone you need in order to fall asleep. You can use chamomile tea to increase the secretion of melatonin.

5. Coffee and fizzy drinks increase stress and cause sleep disorders due to its caffeine content. If you want to drink them, do it in the morning.

6. The Other reasons for late-night snacking are carbohydrate metabolism disorders, insulin resistance or hypoglycemia. If you feel tired especially after meals and crave for desserts after every meal, you should ask for professional help.

7. The more you eat sugar, the more you desire sugar. Try to avoid frequent eating of starchy foods like bread, rice, pasta, cookie and candy.

8. In order to balance your diet, do not skip main meals.

9. Going for a walk and especially brisk walking for forty-five minutes increases endorphin secretion. Physiologically you feel good with the help of endorphin, also since you are physically tired because of walking, you can go to sleep easily as well.

10. If you really need to fill your stomach, fill it with water. Drinking water before going bed is also good for circulation and once you drink enough water, there will be no space for snacks.

11. Don’t forget one thing; eating is only a habit. Don’t let your stomach lead your head and please note that you can determine when and where you eat. All these foods are yours and you can eat them later, you can make your motto: “I’ll eat later”.

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