4 Reasons To Eat Eggs For Every Breakfast

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It’s pretty incredible how good eggs are for you. One of the most nutritious foods on the planet, eggs, offer multiple benefits to anyone who eats them. While eggs were not always thought of in such a healthy way, doctors and nutritionists have cracked, poached and scrambled those old-school ways of thinking.

Eggs are well-known source of protein, they can help with weight-loss and increase muscle mass and lower blood pressure. They contain all the essential amino acids the human body needs. Eating eggs can also lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and other health problems. Why? Eggs are high in HDL cholesterol – that’s the good kind your body needs. A single egg contains more than half the recommended daily cholesterol intake. Eggs contain choline, a nutrient that’s used to build cell membranes and produce signaling molecules in the brain. Just one egg can contain more than 100 milligrams of choline, a significant fraction of the national academy of sciences recommended intake of 550 milligrams for men and 425 milligrams for women.

If you are eating an omega-3 or pasture-raised egg, that egg is helping to reduce triglycerides in the blood, which in turn lowers the risk for heart disease. Eggs can even help your eyes stay healthy. They contain various antioxidants – two of which can reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Eggs are also high in vitamin A and vitamin A deficiency is the most common cause of blindness in the world.

1. It Contains High-Quality Protein

4 Reasons To Eat Eggs #1: It Contains High-Quality Protein

In order to maintain a balanced diet, there are essential nutrients we need to eat every day. These nutrients are usually classified as carbs, fat, protein, vitamin and minerals. All of these nutrients are important for sure but it is obvious that some of them are more important than the others – one of them and probably the most important one is protein, it’s the keystone of a healthy immune system. And when it comes to high-quality protein, the list starts with egg and Greek yogurt.

2. It Keeps You Full Longer Than Most Foods

4 Reasons To Eat Eggs #2: It Keeps You Full Longer Than Most Foods

And why is that important? Because most of the fast foods contain additives that make you crave for more and that’s the main reason why people can’t lose weight. You don’t eat them because they’re more delicious – OK, some of them are delicious – you eat them because of the addictive additives. That’s why eggs are usually the first food people add to their diet when they try to lose weight.

Breakfast is the most common meal that people skip because they think they can compensate it by drinking a couple of coffee at work but when you skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism and your body burns fewer calories than it normally does.

The two most important food in the breakfast are cheese and egg. If you have a breakfast within an hour after you wake up and don’t forget to eat egg, you will see that you won’t feel hungry until lunch.

3. It Is Easy To Cook

4 Reasons To Eat Eggs #3: It Is Easy To Cook

The reason why most people skip breakfast is they just don’t have time to prepare and eat breakfast. Making coffee is easy because you just need to wait for water to boil. Same thing goes for eggs – you can fry them too but you can also just boil them in water. Once you boil the egg, you can mix with different vegetables, cheese and even spices to make it more edible.

4. You Can’t Grow Without It

4 Reasons To Eat Eggs #4: You Can’t Grow Without It

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders and boxers eat so many eggs? Because of the protein but why on earth they need protein in the first place? When your muscles expose to stress, you actually damage them but don’t worry – this is a good thing. When your original muscles are damaged, your body builds new but more durable muscles to meet your daily demands.

So why your muscles need eggs? Because in order your body to build new muscles, it needs protein and higher the quality of the protein, the stronger and healthier your new muscles get.

This is important especially for children because during puberty and just before puberty, the body grows at a very high speed and it is important to support the body growth with necessary nutrients, one of which is undoubtedly protein.

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