You Might Hurt Your Knees While Trying To Lose Weight

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The new year is coming and some of us have already started working out to lose weight before the Christmas. You can find all kinds of workout that can make you thin from the internet but some of those workouts may not be appropriate for you and for your health.

Even if we work out to become stronger and healthier, certain parts of our body are still fragile no matter what we do or how much we work out; joints are one of those fragile parts. For instance, when you break a bone, it is most likely to heal when you keep it in a cast or in a splint and once it heals, the bone gets back to normal like it’s used to be. However, if you break your wrist, it requires a surgery and even if you have a surgery, your wrist will never get back to normal even if it fully heals.

The most active muscle in the body can vary from person to person but the same thing can’t be said for joints. There are many joints in your body but one of those joints is more strained than the others; your knees. None of your joints have to carry too much weight like your knees do. Especially when people get older, their knees start to cause problems even for people who have been working out. Even sitting in an awkward position may hurt your knees if you sit in that position too much.

When it comes to appearance, most people care about their lips, hips and abs but being careless about your knees may ruin the quality of your life. You may be doing squats for your butt but a wrong stance can hurt your knees. Small mistakes can’t harm your knees much but if you get too careless, synovial fluid may dry up and there will nothing to protect your knees from wearing out. Synovial fluid can be considered as a natural lubricant and they prevent bones from directly touching each other so they won’t wear out.

The gym is one of those places that you hurt your knees most. The exercise bikes can harm your knees just like squats because riding them is a completely different thing than riding a real bike. On a real bike, you can adjust the force on your knees with gears naturally but in the gym, you don’t care about that because you are too focused on building larger muscles. If you are going to use the exercise bike, you mustn’t exceed 3 days a week and more than 30 minutes. Instead of using the exercise bike, you can try brisk walking which is much healthier than the exercise bike and spinning.

Every pound you lose takes 5 pounds away from your knees so losing weight is the most important precaution you can take for your knees. If you ever hurt your knees, stay away from the gym and any kinds of exercise until the pain is completely gone. If the pain is too much to bare, you can apply ice pack on your knees for 20 minutes by the hour. Muscle pain is not the same as joint pain, you can’t keep forcing it even if it hurts. You can also wear wrist wraps and knee wraps to protect your joints when you are heading to the gym.

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