10 Videos That Will Make You Brush Your Teeth Every Day (Graphic)

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Sometimes you are so tired to get up from your bed or too busy to take time off to brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth is important, even if you know that, sometimes people need just a little push. I hope these videos will become a “little push” to brush your teeth and when you reach the age of 60, maybe you will thank us for having your original teeth at this very age.

1. Plaque (Tartar) Removal

If you ignore your dental care for a long time, plaque will cover the lower parts of your teeth. From this point, plaque can be removed by this operation.


2. Simple Tooth Filling (Hidden Cavity)

This video shows simple tooth filling operation. Patient has hidden cavity, while tooth seems ok from outside but the cavity has started from inside.


3. Monster Cavity Under Filling

Filling is not the best solution. Sometimes cavities may grow under filling. In these cases, fillings must be removed also your tooth must be drilled once again.


4. How to Pull a Broken Tooth

If cavity takes over the upper part of your tooth, it will likely break those parts. Pulling the root of the tooth would be more difficult than normal teeth extraction.


5. Broken Tooth (Root) Extraction

Wisdom teeth can easily decay since they located in the backside and it is hard to reach there while brushing your teeth. The root of the broken wisdom tooth and extraction is something like that.


6. Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Impacted wisdom tooth.


7. Root Canal Treatment

In root canal operation, pulp of your tooth must be removed. The root of the tooth must be cleaned properly; otherwise, tooth decay becomes inevitable.


8. Root Canal Treatment Risks

Every operation has risks but root canal treatment has more.


9. Dental Implant Surgery

Many celebrities use dental implants but are they the best choice even if you can afford it?


10. How to Remove Tooth Implant

This video points out that how implant tooth can easily be removed. A dental implant will never be like your original tooth. Even the decayed tooth is very hard to pull but the implant is likely to fail under certain stress.


Bonus: Is Over Brushing Bad?

In case you start brushing your teeth right now and you need to calm down, brushing your teeth is a good thing but you have to make it right. Your gums protect your teeth, you also need to protect your gums as well.

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