Should You Shower More Often During Coronavirus Epidemic?

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It goes without saying that we have to wash our hands often and thoroughly every day. But does that also apply to showering?

We are currently being asked to wash our hands several times a day for a few seconds to remove viruses and bacteria. But does this rule also apply to showering? Of course, we don’t ask ourselves whether we have to shower ten times a day, but many tend to shower less than usual, simply because we exercise less at home and thus sweat less.

Shower More Often When You Go Out

If you work from home and almost never go out, you don’t have to shower more often. After all, you don’t run the risk of bringing the corona virus into your own home from outside. However, if you regularly go out in public, for example because you have to go to work, it is worth taking a shower as soon as you get home. The same goes for your clothes, by the way. Since viruses can survive on surfaces for up to five days, it is advisable to either put the clothes directly in the washing machine or to pack them in an airtight bag until the next wash cycle is due.

Take Good Care Of The Skin

Frequent showering helps to minimize the risk of illness, but it is anything but good for the skin. It is therefore extremely important that you use a care product when showering that has roughly the same pH value as the skin (between 4 and 6.5). This will prevent your skin from drying out and causing skin irritation.

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