Several Cures For Headache

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There are many reasons for a headache and it is impossible to guess the main reason from the internet. I will mention some types of headaches and their cures but you might have to try some of these cures in order to find the appropriate cure for you.

Headaches Related to Stress

This type of headache is most common one because of awful effects of urban life and many people get rid of these type of headaches using painkillers. However, always remember one thing before using any medication; all type of drugs certainly have side effects and do not use any drug if it is not vital.


Lime tea, chamomile tea and lavender tea are used to relax people and muscular system but the important part is; do not drink more than 2-3 cup any of these tea in a single day.

Headaches Related to Migraine

This type of headaches stem from veins around the brain and cause sensitivity to light, visual impairment, nausea and sweating.


Ginger tea will come in handy for headaches related to the migraine but if you are using migraine drugs, you must consult to your doctor before drinking it.

Headaches Related to Sinus Infection

Maturation of sinuses will cause headache but seasonal allergies may also cause headaches related to sinus infection.


If you are sure that you have sinus infection, you must apply chamomile cure.

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