How To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

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You are aware that you need to protect your skin from the excessive sun exposure but do you know how to do it?

Your skin exposes to the Sun more than it should during the summer and even if you have waited so long for this time to come, exposing to direct sunlight;

  • Makes your skin thinner and powerless,
  • Destroys subcutaneous (tissue hypodermis),
  • Decreases your skin quality,
  • Causes spots and wrinkles on your skin,
  • Creates skin lesions which can progress into skin cancer.

This issue is ignored by most people but as you can see, it is a big deal. Your natural defense mechanism usually warns you and makes you feel uncomfortable before any of these things happen but if you keep forcing it, there is nothing it can do to protect you. If you are not sure about how this mechanism works or if you think your mechanism ignores its job, like most people do, you can also prevent all of these with simple precautions.

First of all, you need to avoid going outside between 11:00 AM and 15:00 PM. These hours can be considered as a rush hour for the Sun and if you go out around these hours, you would be exposed to the most dangerous wavelength of the Sun. If you are planning to visit the beach, try to sit or lie under an umbrella, wear a hat and use an effective sun cream before leaving your house. Especially people with pale skin (light-skinned) should be more careful than other people.

Some regions of your body are more fragile and the sunlight damages these regions more than others.

These regions are face, neck, chest and back of your hand. When exposed to excess sunlight; not only wrinkles, freckles and spots but also skin cancer are seen especially in those regions.

If you are little more concerned about your skin care, you can make your skin more resistant to Sun and its harmful effects by hydrating your skin. Mesotherapy, injecting pure hyaluronic acid (HA) and Salmon DNA applications used for moisturizing skin deeply from inside. These applications are important for your skin to regain its elasticity and make your skin thick again. Drinking more water during summer and applying HA and Salmon DNA techniques once more at the end of your vacation would eliminate the harmful effect of the summer on your body.

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