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Pinworm is a type of worm that can be seen in the colon, female pinworms can exceed 10 mm and male pinworms can exceed 3 mm. These type of worm can be seen nearly at all ages but it happens mostly between 5-14 years old. Pinworm has some certain reason to grow up or grow out of control and the biggest reason is hygiene problems. So the first step to remove pinworms is washing hands frequently.

Even if you wash your hands frequently, there are some certain areas that you can’t reach; nails. Nail biting is one of the worst habits and the main reason for many hygiene problems. Pinworms can easily infect other people so even if there is only one person with poor hygiene in the family, the other members are in danger too.

Pinworms can also contaminate bed and underwear with their eggs and these eggs can survive nearly 2-3 weeks at the room temperature. Since lack of hygiene is the main reason, the cure can prevent pinworms to some extent; mostly it is up to you.

Many people neglect bed hygiene but sheet and bedclothes must be washed weekly. Scratching infested areas also cause eggs to get trapped under your nails, and when you scratch somewhere else, they contaminate more areas of your body.


  1. Frequent stomachache, especially when you are hungry.
  2. Excessive gas & flatulence.
  3. Frequent diarrhea.
  4. Itching on the nose and some certain places on the body.
  5. Bad breath.
  6. Drooling in the sleep (especially in children).
  7. Anal itching (itchy bottom).


  • Thyme


Wild thyme is more effective but be careful about the shelf life of the thyme, you may understand it with its odor.


This cure lasts for 2 weeks. Children must swallow a teaspoon of dried thyme before meals, on an empty stomach. During 2 weeks and once a day will remove pinworms from the body. Adults may take 2 teaspoons dried thyme instead of one.

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