Tiny Mistakes May Cause Fatty Liver

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Approximately 1 in 4 Americans have a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and two most important reasons for that are the irregular eating habit and sedentary lifestyle. People with obesity, diabetic patients, people who gain or lose weight rapidly and genetically susceptible people likely to have fatty liver.

Fatty Liver May Cause Cirrhosis

Fatty liver caused by chylomicrons that pile up in the liver cells. This situation can grow into liver stiffness and moreover it may cause cirrhosis.

Obesity, insulin resistance, inactivity and nutrition disorders trigger fatty liver and fatty liver stems from these problems in the first place. For that reason, in the coming years, liver transplantation will be done in order to cure cirrhosis and cancerous diseases caused by fatty liver.

Fatigue May Indicate Fatty Liver

General symptoms of fatty liver are fatigue, laziness and reluctance. The most popular method to diagnose fatty liver is ultrasonography. With this method, structure of the liver can be examined with sound waves without using any harmful rays.

After ultrasonography, in case patience diagnosed with fatty liver, it should be checked if patience has insulin resistance or abnormal liver test results. If patience has abnormal liver test results, patience should be monitored closely for 3-6 months. Easiest way to decide if fatty liver is progressive or not is a method called “liver biopsy”. In this method, experts can understand if there is inflammation or fibrosis by taking a tissue from liver with the help of a needle.

‘Brisk Walking’ – At Least 150 Minutes A Week

The most important methods to prevent fatty liver are a proper diet and doing exercise. The aim is to get to the ideal weight and regulate insulin resistance. In the diet, it is recommended that reducing daily calorie intake, poor intake of triglyceride, extra amounts of vegetable consumption and avoiding foods with high glycemic index. With this diet, patients are expected to lose 6.5 lbs. per month. It seems to be a small amount of weight but it should be; rapid weight loss or gain also increases the risk to have a fatty liver.

Insulin resistance is the origin of fatty liver and these people should increase their daily activity. Brisk walking or jogging at least for 150 minutes a week is highly recommended for people with fatty liver; however, weight training are not recommended. If you think you don’t have time to jog, you can go to work on foot, at least you can get off the bus before you reach your destination, with the help of little math, you may be able to walk for 150 minutes a week in total. If you have a car, you can park it somewhere else, instead of near your office. Hopefully you don’t have any more excuses.

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