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What Is A planner?

A planner where you put everything (chores, errands etc.) you wish to achieve on that specific day. This is also something that can help you keep track with your goals. Planners come in various forms; they could be on a day to day diary, week to view diary or a bullet planner. These are different types of planners you could start to help you live a more organized life. Most planners nowadays are stylish enough to motivate you to keep track of your activities during the day.

Day To Day Planners

Day to day planners are planners where you have 1 day to a page. Most day to day planners would include the time in hourly intervals meaning that you can schedule in meetings, lunches and meet-ups by the hour. These have large spaces to write other things you wish to jot down whether they are a shops closing time or someone’s contact numbers. Day to day planners are perfect for very busy people like university students or business people.

Week To View Planners

These planners normally have the whole week spread between 2 pages. These have a smaller space and they don’t have the hourly intervals unlike the day to day planners. Week to view planners are great if not a very busy person like high school students.

Bullet Planners

Bullet planners are more for the creative people. Bullet planning is done by listing your errands, chores and other important things using bullets. Bullet planning doesn’t have the specific time that they need to be completed.

Best Planner Brands

Typo: Typo sells both the week to view and day to day planners. They are at a reasonable price for anyone who has a tight budget. They come in A5 and A6 sizes meaning that you have the ability to choose the size of your planner.

Kikki.k: If you are more into the stylish and popular planners, Kikki.k would be perfect for you. Kikki.k is popular for their beautiful leather planners. They come in a small (slightly bigger than A6), personal (A5) and large (slightly bigger than the personal size). These are refillable planners meaning that you can take away pages or add more pages. This is a ring binder style rather than a close bound book style planner.

Erin Condren: Erin Condren is a spiral bound planner almost similar to the Kikki.k although they only have one size which is A5. They provide the week to view planners which are spread between 2 pages. It’s still refillable although you may have to unwind the whole spiral.

Kate Spade: Kate Spade doesn’t just make beautiful bags but they also make cute leather planners. They have binder style planners which are refillable. If you love Kikki.k then you’ll also love the Kate Spade planners.

Midori notebooks: Most people would associate the Midori to be a Traveller’s notebook but most people nowadays use it as their own planners. You can refill them with their own notebooks, they have either lined, grid, dotted or blank. This is perfect for bullet journaling as you can whatever you want with it.

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