Calendula Cure For Athletes Foot

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First thing you should do is boil your socks before or after washing them in a machine because washing machines can only heat water up to 90 C and it is not enough to kill bacteria that cause athletes foot. So if you wear socks before boiling, you can’t get rid of this disease. Also change your socks every day and wear clean socks, don’t wear a sock if you wear it yesterday. It will be better if you apply this cure before going bed so you don’t need to wear socks after cure. Another important point is do not dry your feet after cure. If you can afford, buying a new pair of shoes would also be great.


  • 1 cup dried calendula
  • 2 cups water
  • Large Washtub


Boil 1 cup dried calendula in 2 cups water for 5 minutes.


You must apply this cure everyday day. First, fill washtub with boiled mixture that level of water must be above your feet (at least fingers). You can wait for water to cool a little bit. Keep your feet in the mixture for at least for 20 minutes.

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