This Is How You Put An End To Stuffy Nose

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Breathing means life but if you have stuffy nose, it may turn your life into torture. As the temperature decreases, stuffy nose and problems coming along with it increases. In order to protect yourself, you should take some precautionary measures and listen to these useful information I’m about to tell you.

Is It Bad To Breathe Through Your Mouth?

Congested nose is quite common but it affects the quality of your life. Even though our bodies are programmed to breathe through nose, when our noses are congested, our bodies try to balance this situation by letting us breathe through mouth, which is not a recommended way of breathing. Stuffy nose can be a result of anatomic problems in the nose or inflammations that cause swelling in nose tissues.

5 Common Causes For Stuffy Nose

1. Nasal septum divides your nasal cavity in half – front section of it is cartilage and the rest is bone tissue. Misalignment in nose cartilage is very likely, however, misalignment may not cause stuffy nose in all cases.

2. Both section of nose have a structure called concha, which warms up humidifies air we breathe. These structures can overgrow not only due to misalignment in nose cartilage but also some minor causes like climate change or allergy.

3. Some polyps may develop during sinus infection and cause stuffy nose.

4. Adenoids usually shrink during puberty and completely disappear during adulthood but in some cases, it causes stuffy nose if it overgrows and stop shrinking.

5. Rarely, tumors in nose or sinuses can also be the cause of stuffy nose.

Things You Need To Do To Get Rid Of Stuffy Nose

  • Stay away from allergens
  • Rinse your nose & sinuses with saltwater
  • Humidify your home & working environment
  • Clean your nose before you go to sleep
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stay away from cigarette and smokers
  • Use medication & spray after consulting your doctor
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