Got A Fresh Tattoo? This Is How You Keep It “Looking New”

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A freshly made tattoo needs special care. It will only stay beautiful for a long time if it heals well. You can read the dos and don’ts of tattoo aftercare here.

Tattooing creates a superficial wound on the skin. In order for your tattoo to look beautiful for a long time, a quick and problem-free healing of this wound is essential.

The faster the superficial wound on the skin closes, the more color particles remain in the skin layer and the richer the colors of your tattoo. You can influence the healing process both positively and negatively. For example, swimming, sauna, sports or sunbathing? Which one of these you can do and which one of these you shouldn’t do?

For optimal healing, there are a few things you should keep in mind – both before getting the tattoo and immediately afterwards, until the full healing process is complete, and even in the long term. Follow these tips and you will enjoy your tattoo for a long time.

Preparation: How To Go To The Tattoo Appointment

Got A Fresh Tattoo? This Is How You Keep It Looking New -
cc: Sebastiano Ronzulli

Not only aftercare, but preparation can have an impact on your tattoo. Here are the dos and don’ts.

Take A Fresh Shower: Although the area where you will get a tattoo will be thoroughly disinfected beforehand, you should still come at your appointment freshly showered. If bacteria or dirt get into the tattoo wound, this will prevent proper healing.

Get Rest: It’s best to come to your appointment well-rested. Depending on how big the tattoo will be; first, the finishing up the tattoo will take a while and can be exhausting, and secondly, if you are well-rested and full of energy your body can heal better. For the same reason, make sure to eat enough before the appointment. After poor sleep and lack of energy, your circulation could also suffer from sitting and standing still for hours.

Do Not Drink Alcohol: You should avoid alcohol the day before the appointment, as it has a blood-thinning effect. As a result, the color pigments look messed-up on the skin.

Aftercare: Rules For Care Afterwards

Got A Fresh Tattoo? This Is How You Keep It Looking New -
cc: Sebastiano Ronzulli

Continue Resting: The first and most important rule is “allow yourself to rest”. For fast wound healing it is beneficial that your body can direct all its energy to this very thing.

Handling The Wrap: Usually the tattoo artist will release you with a plastic wrap around the tattooed area to protect the wound from dirt and bacteria. Leave the wrap on the skin for at least three hours and no more than a day. Do not worry if blood and wound water collect under it, this is completely normal.

Clean The Wound Carefully: After removing the wrap, you should carefully wash the tattoo with lukewarm water. Use only pH-neutral soap that does not irritate the skin. Afterwards, do not rub dry under any circumstances, but gently dab dry with a clean towel.

Apply A Thin Layer Of Moisturizer: Washing cleans the wound, but also dries out the skin, which you should avoid at all costs. Therefore, use a moisturizer, for example, special tattoo lotions. It is important that the lotion is moisturizing and contains only natural ingredients – so it should be free of fragrances and dyes. Only apply a thin layer to avoid softening the skin and be gentle – avoid rubbing at all costs.

If The Entire Healing Process Works Well

Got A Fresh Tattoo? This Is How You Keep It Looking New -
cc: Sebastiano Ronzulli

Overall, the healing process takes between two weeks and a month. Therefore, you should pay attention to a few things, especially during the first two weeks.

First and foremost, trust your eyes and your feelings. If you discover redness, swelling or other skin irritations, or if you experience pain, be sure to see a doctor.

Prevent Softening: It’s important to find the right balance of washing and creaming so that no scab forms on the tattoo. To do this, continue to shower in your normal rhythm, the water should be lukewarm. Too long or too hot shower is ill-advised.

Prevent Drying Out: Apply a thin layer of cream regularly and whenever you feel that your skin is tight under the tattoo, always with clean hands. If scabbing occurs, continue to apply cream and do not peel off the scab, as this could also loosen the color.

Do Not Scratch: As the skin heals, the area may start to itch. Avoid friction at all costs, as this will ruin the appearance of your tattoo and may lead to scarring.

Got A Fresh Tattoo? This Is How You Keep It Looking New -
cc: Sebastiano Ronzulli

Keep It Open: As stated earlier, you want to prevent friction – in any form – at all costs. Therefore, make sure that fabric stays away from the tattoo wound. Wear loose & comfortable clothes if you have to. The air also supports the healing process. Bed sheet or blanket can also stick to the fresh tattoo so make sure you sleep in a position that leave the tattoo open.

Protect From The Sun: Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade. You should therefore apply sun protection with a high SPF to the tattooed area even at low temperatures.

Swimming Pool & Sauna Are Forbidden: You should not go to the swimming pool or sauna for the first two weeks. While chlorine dries out the skin, prolonged swimming and excessive sweating soften the skin. In addition, visits to public swimming pools can lead to inflammation, as you expose your tattoo wound to many bacteria.

Do Not Exercise: Exercising also cause sweating. In addition, tiring yourself up strains your immune system and affects healing.

Eat Healthy & Sleep Enough: On the other hand, sufficient sleep and a balanced diet have a positive influence on the healing process.

You Can Delay Getting Your Tattoo Redone For A Long Time

Got A Fresh Tattoo? This Is How You Keep It Looking New -
cc: Sebastiano Ronzulli

Even after the wound is completely healed, there are still a few things you can do to ensure that you can keep your tattoo for a long time. If you take good care of your tattoo, you can delay the getting it redone for a long time.

Continue applying sunscreen with high SPF to protect the colors from fading due to UV rays.

Also, continue to nourish your skin regularly with moisturizing cream. In richly moisturized skin, the color of tattoo lasts longer.

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