How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Winter

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We have some advice for you to keep your hair shiny in these months away from the sun. The arrival of winter means New Year celebrations and dried, flyaway hair. With a little care,  your hair protects its health, brightness even in the winter and very cold weathers. Here are the recommendations for your hair to look great during the winter months:


In the winter, hair becomes dry because of  the cold weather outside and the warm weather inside. Just as your skin needs moisturizer to protect itself, your hair also needs moisture to keep itself bright and shinny. You can use moisturizer for this particular job but you can also use natural products. Besides, don’t neglect to consume plenty of fluids, which is preferably water. Consume dark leafy vegetables like spinach and collard greens. Choose a co-washing instead of using common conditioners to get better results while getting rid of static in the hair and for taming frizzy hair.

Review Your Style

Excess shaping can break and reduce hair volume during the winter. Rest your hair for a bit. Stay away from hair dryers and styling tools after washing your hair. Before you go out, let your hair dry spontaneously. If you go out with wet hair, you will likely suffer from hair breakage. Get rid of split ends as soon as you see them, you can even trim your own hair at home in front of the mirror. Choose a hair conditioner with intensive moisturizer. Avoid using products containing alcohol and silicone!

Put Your Hat On

Hats are great accessories to protect your hair, but if you wear them for a long time, they can flatten out your hair. To add more volume to your hair, put your hair in a bun on top of your head. You can either open your bun after a while or you can put your hat on your bun.

Proper Care For The Hair

First of all, determine the hair conditioner you will use for your hair, not all of them is appropriate for your hair and scalp. While curly hair needs hydration, the same products or care make straight hair greasy. Applying conditioner just at the roots can weigh hair down, you need to apply it thoroughly. You can also use a hair mask and other hair care products.

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