13 Essential Rules Every Diet Should Follow

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It turns out apart from being physically attractive, being skinny is also good for our health and skinny people tend to have a strong immune system rather than chubby ones. After discovering transformation photos or fit moms on Instagram, we started to realize that losing weight is like running a marathon, rather than a 100-meter dash. You can slow down but you must never stop running.

1. There is no such thing is the perfect food, the things that will create perfection is your habits. Your health and weight is the result of your choices.

2. It doesn’t matter what you do – do something. Walk, swim, dance, run, climb, do Pilates. Choose either of them and make it your lifestyle. Keep doing that activity for the rest of your life, rather than only for summer or a couple of months.

3. Try to eat beans and legumes (as a salad or main course) for at least two days a week. They are easy to digest and most of them are considered as low-calorie foods.

4. Try to include a salad for every meal except breakfast. Instead of adding oil to your salad, try seasonings. Most of the ingredients you use for a salad (leafy greens) contain vitamins and antioxidants

5. Select 2 random meals every week to eat fish but instead of eating single or a couple types of fish, try a different kind of fishes for these two meals. Try frying fish without adding oil to cut some calories – fish would probably have enough fat anyway.

6. Try to eat your breakfast as soon as you wake up – that will boost your metabolism.

7. Eating 1 egg at breakfast will keep you full for a long time, but don’t overdo it – 1 egg is enough.

8. Don’t eat too many snacks after dinner and try to include snacks between lunch and dinner because if you don’t, you’ll end up getting hungry after dinner and you can’t digest high-calorie foods if you eat them after dinner.

9. Poor quality sleep increases the chance of putting on weight. Try to sleep the same time each night – the more habits you have, the less you have to think about.

10. Decide which meal is the most important one for you and spend more time to think about what you’re going to eat at that meal. If you consider the most important meal is dinner, take your time to cook something more meaningful than just preparing a sandwich.

11. Use smaller plates and spoons. The more time you spend on eating something, the more time you have to realize you are full. Also, being hungry or full may be a physiological fact but it is also highly related to psychology – I’m sure most of the time you visit your refrigerator, you are bored rather than you are hungry. So if you use smaller plates, the portion you eat is going to seem larger than eating it on a bigger plate.

12. Don’t consume more than 500-gram red meat per week because red meat contains saturated fat and it is not the healthiest thing to eat. Instead of eating red meat, prefer more innocent alternatives like chicken, fish or turkey.

13. Don’t afraid of eating fruits just because they contain sugar. The sugar that fruits contain is not the same thing as you add to your coffee. Fruits contain fructose, which is more natural than the white sugar you add to your coffee and fruits contain less fructose than most people think so it is safe to eat two portions of fruits after dinner – which will probably prevent you from eating high-calorie foods as an alternative.

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