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Alzheimer is one of the modern diseases in today’s life and after all these years, early diagnosis of this disease is still impossible. Some people are genetically more likely to have this disease if they don’t take early measures.

Every forgetfulness is not Alzheimer. Moreover; low consumption of organic foods and stress also cause forgetfulness. You may add carrots in meals or in salads, which is a good thing but if you want to use it as alternative medicine; you must use it as a cure.

There are some points to take into account; carrots you buy must be fresh and ripe. If you can bend the carrot, it means it is not fresh. You can also easily bend under ripe carrots and they have more sugar content (nearly %6). As carrots grow, their sugar content decrease and they become less in calorie and high in benefits. If carrot has a vivid color, it contains more beta carotene. Bigger carrots are more effective than smaller carrots for treating Alzheimer.


  • Carrots


Squeeze carrots with any method you want. You may use grater or blender, it is up to you. You must obtain and drink at least a cup of carrot juice.


When you are using this cure, it is important to drink it swiftly. You must drink this cure on an empty stomach, Prof. Ibrahim Saracoglu (famous herbalist & professor from Turkey) suggests drinking it 2 hours after dinner. However, if you are planning to stay up late, it is better to drink it before going to bed.

This cure must be applied during 3 months after dinner. After 3 months, you can continue drinking carrot juice at most three times a week. Once you obtain the juice, don’t keep it and drink it as soon as possible to make it more effective. If you are using this cure for Alzheimer, do not eat and drink anything after this cure, even vegetables and fruits may have negative effects.

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